I have been working with artisans in Guatemala and India for about 9 years. Thanks to my brands TOJ and Amansh, I have had the incredible opportunity to work closely with them and this has allowed me to learn more about the wonderful work they do and what the handicraft business is like in these countries.

In Guatemala, a large part of the population works in the handicrafts sector. Many of the artisans are far from the tourist areas so they have to travel one to three days a week to go to sell their products in the markets where there is more tourism. For example, in the markets of Panajachel, Chichicastenango, Antigua and in the markets of the city.

The artisans sell their products at a low price and many times in order to sell they fail to earn or even lose money. This as a consequence of the famous “haggling” that exists in our country.

Today there are many brands working with artisans and creating handmade products. Many of these brands are founded on social values ​​and business models based on the work ethic and fair trade.

Every brand is different, and not all meet the same standards, but there are some general reasons to buy their products:

1. Provides real and decent income

Brands make sure that the artisans we work with receive a fair income. We usually support them with their costs and financial management so that they can generate more income.

2. Empowering communities

Having a fair income allows artisans to take care of themselves and their families, creating healthier and happier communities.

3. Preserve traditions

The crafts are generally made with ancient techniques, a few years ago people no longer wanted to learn how to make them since working in agriculture paid more. Now that there are more people who appreciate handmade products, young people are interested in learning and are interested in continuing to work on artisan products.

4. High-quality manufactured products

The brands that work with handmade products have high quality standards so you make sure that your products will last longer.

5. Unique products

Unlike products that are produced in large quantities, you will often find unique differences in each handmade item, which really makes the product and purchase very special.

When you buy handmade products, you show that you care. It is time to make conscious purchases and support brands that aim to generate more job opportunities for the artisans.

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